“This is an inspiring, wise and helpful book
– both to me and my clients.”

Larry Barnhill, Ph.D.

Combing Science and Mysticism for expanded possibility in life.

Who you are is created in each day. Everything you do and think, the clothes you choose, and how you carry your body tells the world who you are before you say a word. Your actions and thoughts create magnetic resonance that attracts or repels according to your vibrational frequency. Your actions, reactions, choices, compassion, relationships, and behaviors enhance or erode your energetic vitality.

With the right life coach you can learn how your biology becomes your biography, and your biography becomes your biology.

What are your dreams? Most likely, they are for happiness, love, prosperity, connection to spirit, you want it all. Peace of mind, meaningful relationships, functional business teams, and knowing your Source is not too much to ask.

Think of happiness as a way of life and the source of wisdom. Know that your dreams, both waking and sleeping, are the key to your peace of mind. Together we can explore the obvious truths in front of you and the symbology begging to be known. To explore Executive Mediation Coaching: Call: Dr. Pamela Ladd: 812-322-2535

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