About Pamela Ladd

Dr. Pamela Ladd lives her life with humor and passion. She is a fearless traveler into the world at large and continually explores the state of her being within.

She has explored the world on foot, brought medical supplies to remote villages, tirelessly studies the mysteries of the world’s wisdom traditions, specializes in the physics of happiness, and uses short meditations for masterful and lightening quick results.

From her experience of being an entrepreneur Pamela has become an expert at developing environments where creativity flourishes, communication is normal, and people feel empowered. Dr. Ladd is a highly effective and entertaining presenter. Her unique ability to combine humor and skill building create hilarious keynotes in the areas of Body Language, Life Lessons learned from her Dog, recovering from stage 4 Cancer, her adventurous Travel experiences, and Humanitarian work.

Pamela sees unending possibilities in human potential and knows everyone has the power to evolve consciously. Each person has the ability to bring mind, heart, soul, and spirit together to live balanced and whole, facilitate healing, and to become a leader in their community, and to make a difference in the world.

When you work with Dr. Pamela Ladd, she listens compassionately and focuses on your needs and what you want to happen in your life. You can be happier, more awareness, grow your creativity, and bring out your inner genius.

Dr. Ladd works with individuals, as well as small and large organizations such as: Disney, General Electric, The Gap, and the US Navy. Along with speaking and coaching in her office, using Skype, and teleconferencing; she coaches while walking with clients. Sometimes movements elicits the change needed. Dr. Ladd is a member of Toastmasters, International Coach Federation, Spiritual Directors International, and holds a Doctorate in Wisdom Studies. Pamela lives in Bloomington Indiana with her husband Norm. To experience coaching with Pamela, call: 812-322-2535

Partial List of my Teachers

Lauren Artress
Books: Walking a Sacred Path

Teri Barnett
Books: ReikiOne: The Journey of Energy Healing, Crystal Grid Handbook

Donald Beck
Books: Spiral Dynamics, The Crucible

Carol Bridges
Books: A Soul in Place, The Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook

Ira Dressner
Books: Chakralign: Effective Use of Energy and Chakras

Anne Durand

Larry Edwards

Karuna Erickson
Books: Heart Yoga

Matthew Fox
Books: Original Blessing, The Pope’s War

Andrew Harvey

Books: Hope, Son of Man

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Books: The Art of Happiness, Beyond Religion

Jean Houston

Books: The Possible Human, Jump Time

Kabir Helminski

Books: The Pocket Rumi, Love’s Ripening

Joan King
Books: The Code of Authentic Living, A life on Purpose

Krishna Das

Books: Chants of a Lifetime, Flow of Grace

Caitlin Matthews
Books: Singing the Soul Back Home, Psychic Shield

Ray Moody
Books: Life After Life, Paranormal

Carolyn Myss
Books: Anatomy of the Soul. Sacred Contracts

Ram Dass

Books: Be Here Now, Still Here

Calen Rayne

Henry Reed
Books: Awakening Your Psychic Powers, Channeling Your Higher Self

Martin Seligman

Books: Authentic Happiness, Flourish

Shyam Das
Books: The Path of Grace, The Call of the Flute

Carol Vaccariello