In our nightly dream adventures we can catch people who fall off cliffs, run in high-heeled shoes, travel to far away lands we have never visited, and discover the solution to a problem that has eluded us in waking life.

Dreams tell us the truth about our lives through compelling symbolic imagery. We awake laughing when dreams teach us through humor, and frightened and out of breathe when they take the form of a scary nightmare. Our dreams take shape and tell their stories through metaphor and they often seem totally incomprehensible. Each dream has a story to tell about the deeper truth of our lives. When a dream is explored or unpacked, creative energies are released and they have the capacity to bring clarity to situations and help solve problems.

Woven into the fabric of every dream we find a rich tapestry of meaning and many layers of significance. Whether the dream is a long involved saga or a fleeting image it has energy and wisdom uniquely suited to the person who dreamed it, because each of us dream about what is important to us, even if it beyond our conscious lives or understanding.

Your dream will always take a symbolic shape that is uniquely suited to your personal life and it will always take you beyond where you know yourself to be right now. In your dreams your present circumstances come into focus and your conscious convictions about life are stretched in every direction. All dreams come to support you in your quest for health and wholeness. You will always have the right dream in the right moment, for that is how dreams work their magic. Open your possibilities and learn more about yourself by exploring the symbolic images of your dreams.

If you are remembering your dream it has a transformational role in your waking life and it is worth exploring. Unpack its creative potential and let its energy blossom in your life.

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