Happiness as a Way of Life

There is no magic wand that will transform misery into happiness. It is a circuitous path that takes us close, winds back on itself, and teases us to the point of madness, because in our hears we know genuine happiness is possible. Each of us has an innate desire for happiness and also the capacity to be happy. From my deepest understanding, I believe it is our purpose in life to find true happiness and be an example for how to live happily in everyday life.

Happiness is a by-product of having an open generous heart, and because of this, it is forever wound with our skill and competence at cultivating compassion. Compassion is a combination of our ability to accept things the way they are and the desire to transform suffering of any type into contentment and joy. It is no small thing to transform pride into humility, anger into love, or tame our selfish hearts, yet the personal and global rewards of accomplishing this transcendence are undeniable.

In small ways every single day we support and create more happiness or we erode our well-being. There are little things that make us smile everyday and these are as numerous as there are people on Earth. Our mission is to notice what makes us smile and be present for more of whatever that is. At the same time human beings are more alike than they are different. That is reason the Golden Rule is an enduring enhancement to happiness. If each of us always treated others with the same love and respect that we want to receive, then our homes, neighborhoods, and extended communities would transform from self-interest to generosity.

Being present for happiness is a gift to yourself and the people you love. It is not elusive and out of reach; it is possible to train the heart to open and the mind to temper if that is what you choose to do. Once you choose happiness, you can learn the art of being happy in everyday life.

Happiness Coaching is an investment in your personal well-being and much more, because when you are happy, you will have a positive impact on the world. One hour coaching sessions are $250.

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