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Self Leadership

When a stone is tossed into the water we are only aware of the ripples on the surface, but the stone also lands below and effects what is unseen at the bottom. Words or thoughts lodge in concealed places leaving distinct impressions that are beyond our conscious imagination. Whether our intentions are careless and limiting or joyful and encouraging, they are working their way through the world.

Leadership always begins with self-leadership. If we truly look at what happens when we become angry and when we become fearful, we will see how uncontrolled emotions produce outcomes that lead to the manipulation and theft of other people’s rights. These emotions are blind and unproductive and anger and fear will separate us from subtle realms of intuition and the source of happiness.

Without seeking it life will always give us the opportunity to be challenged because it is the only way we can learn to hone our skills. An enemy or adversary will appear, sometimes it will be in the form of our own troublesome emotions and other times it will be in the form of an attack by someone else. Our ability to see the opponent clearly from a broader perspective will allow us to evaluate the gifts in the situation and to creatively employ self-leadership.

Taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions is quite an accomplishment, and belief in one’s own abilities is a boon in life. But as all in life, it has its shadow side too, for only the spirit does not cast a shadow; self-leadership is always a dance between self-confidence and arrogance. It is easy to see one’s self as better than another, or one’s ways better than another’s, yet every person is our better in some manner. He or she has a particular beauty we do not process, knows a skill we have not learned, or obtained an insight we have never imagined. In our human community we each have a piece of the answer and a portion of the beauty needed by all.

In the past each community, region, or company might have been a self-sustaining unit but we do not live like that any more. We have created a society with long reaching interdependence and we rely on one another for our survival. If we ignore this reality, negative consequences will follow. It is like the entire human community is one organism.

Coming to this way of collective thinking starts with us and our commitment to know ourselves. This is the underpinning of self-leadership – exploration into the realms of self knowledge. Knowing we are all connected, and realizing that there is a bigger picture to see gives us broader understanding and shows us that there are many levels of meaning and significance within any problematic situation. If they ever existed, the days of independent decision-making are over.

Our decisions and the way we choose to live cannot help but to affect other people. Knowing this implicitly can be your guide to developing personal excellence. Leadership always begins and manifests through self-leadership.

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Leading Leaders

If you are leading other people, you are leading leaders.
This statement overtly and tacitly implies that every person you lead has innate and acquired leadership skills. When leading leaders it is not enough to know your own leadership style, strengths, and challenges.

Though each of these components is essential to the success of all leaders, your preferred leadership style and identified assets cannot be effective in every situation.
Emerging leaders have diverse motivations and values behind their desires for competency in the work they do. Proficient leaders understand this, and they know the importance of meaning in building and maintaining the enthusiasm of team members, and truly, the entire organization.

Any person who influences change is a leader, and each leader adds to the vision of the future. Learning how to effectively communicate organizational vision while incorporating the vision of individual team members is an art.

Growth is organic, as well as planned and organized.
Since opportunity often comes unannounced, your flexibility is one of your greatest assets. It allows you to harness the magic of human interaction, energy, and enthusiasm in the moment it is occurring. For prosperity and success you must engage the unseen world of creativity and imagination.

In working with Dr. Pamela Ladd you will:

  • Sharpen the vision of your organization.
  • Broaden and strengthen your influence internally and externally.
  • Increase commitment by connecting the team’s values to the needs of the organization.
  • Enhance your communication skills.
  • Develop and enhance your executive image visually and implicitly.
  • Manage and expand your personal energy.

Leadership Coaching $250 per session


Being Leadership Excellence

You are the alchemist of your life. If you know this, you can create anthing you chose, as long as you resonate with it. Your experience shapes, reflexs, and reveals who you are.

Who you are determines the vision and organizational growth for your company.

Your energetic and vibrational level on the inside determnes everything else. For example: How effective are you at overcoming the reoccurring obstacles in your personal life and in your executive suite? Until we discontinue resonanating at a particular level, the same challenges will reoccur in a slightly altered fashion.

Once a higher resonance is reached, and one level of proficiency is mastered, you will move along to the next level of change. There is a cyclic and ever-shifting target to reach in the levels of change in a leader’s life. And most important, the leader is the tuning fork that receives and controls the shift.

From a quantum phyics perspective, a vibrational field is an invisible moving force that influences the world. Energy fields influence everthing. Each of us has the ability to choose how we resonate from a plethora of different fequency levels.

Whatever your industry or professional expertise, there comes a point in your career when managing your perspectives and energy becomes tantamount to your efficacy in moving forward.

How you develop a strategic plan is dependent on how you manage your energy.

Being in resonance with leadership excellence means maximizing your personal power and your organization’s prosperity.

Leadership Coaching $250 per session