Reiki is formless, it is an invisible, intangible, subtle energy field; it is the essence of life and is often called chi, prana, spirit, or universal life energy. Manifested through the breath, life-force-energy flows through all of us and causes us to be alive, and it will continue to flow through us as long as we live. If our energy is high we are open to happiness and health, and if it is low, we feel stress and are more likely to get sick.

The essence of Reiki can be heard in its name, rei meaning God’s wisdom, and ki meaning life-force-energy. When the two syllables are put together, the word can be read as “universal life energy moved by the Divine.”

Reiki is not associated with any religion, dogma, or any spiritual affiliation. It is safe, simple, treats the whole person, and it can be used in conjunction with all medical or therapeutic techniques. For Reiki to be beneficial it does not depend on belief, but many people say it puts them in contact with their own religion in a deep personal way that does not depend on the intellect.

People find that Reiki strengthens their interconnectedness, first within themselves, then with other people and the collective. Through Reiki you may reconnect with abilities and feeling you have forgotten or overlooked. Possibly you will discover hidden talents.

Reiki treatments are done fully clothed by laying on hands. Life-force-energy is capable of healing anything when we are ready to be healed. Healing is a return to greater wholeness; it is an attainment of an ideal state for the present time.

To engage in Reiki is to engage a willingness to improve the quality of life. It shows a willingness to live more lovingly and with more intimacy. Where love is, fear disappears. Love helps us transcend our burdens and our wounds, love guides us to our true nature and lights our path.

Use Reiki to support you in your desire to live love in a practical way in everyday life.

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