Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual mentoring, spiritual companionship, cultivating the sacred, and spiritual direction, all of these terms are interchangeable. They basically mean the same thing. Spiritual mentoring is a conversation about how the Divine enters and touches a person’s life.

Exploring the wisdom a human life has to offer is an ancient endeavor that continues to inspire questions about all aspects of life, whether they rest in the outer or the inner realms. When a conversation about spirit is initiated and loving compassionate listening is engaged, the Divine enters and the interaction becomes a work of grace. The grace that enters the interaction can offer new perspective to difficult situations and issues. Religion and faith may be a part of this, yet spirituality is separate from both.

When we have been wronged and hurt in life we can carry a toxic burden so heavy it can blind us to the hope and happiness that is always nearby. Also, when we are aggrieved a breeding ground can be formed where doubts fester and grow, and fear can take root. Where fear and doubt grow, boundaries and limitations rise too. It is then that our world and consciousness become smaller.

The object of spiritual mentoring is to lessen your fear, open your heart to peace, and support you in seeing the Divine in all things, at all times, and all places. When we cultivate the sacred we grow love and compassion, come face to face with authentic power, and experience the intangible essence of grace.

Having a tranquil heart means untangling the snares that bind and tether us. From self-doubt to hubris, from guilt to self-righteousness, all limiting behaviors and faults can lose their grip on us when we see them for what they are, binding ties. Each one of us is capable of overcoming fear and living a life of freedom, but it takes dedication to self awareness and the embodied self discipline of creating a personal spiritual practice.

One hour spiritual mentoring sessions are $250. If you are having financial difficulty, do not let the price deter from receiving spiritual direction. Arrangements can be made during your first session.

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